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Most probably you won’t find me in a luxury hotel or lying on a beach.

You´d rather see me walking through a jungle staring into the green and observing wildlife, crawling in a mud to get the best shot of butterflies, listening the morn bird singing or waiting at dawn when the sun lights up the landscape.

Neither could we meet on a tour or at any kind of party. I’d rather talk to local people on a market and try to learn a bit about their culture.











Too long I have been waiting to find someone to travel with. Going alone never came on my mind those days. Once when I arrived at a class, I noticed a small paper on a board announcing that an assistant photographer in Indonesia is needed. I didn’t hesitate any minute.

During that journey I had a chance to get to a rain forest. I remember the very first impressions. I was speechless; firstly because it took me a good while to catch my breath again after the hike, but most of all the energy of that pristine and wild place amazed me.

Diversity and beauty of jungle enthralled me that much, that I decided to return and discover tropical fauna as a PhD student. During the studies I have been returning to Sumatra to explore the life of tropical birds. Before the first sun rays reached the land under the lush vegetation I already listened to the first morning songs of the forest. I think, since then I have been deeply obsessed by discovering tropical nature.

Hiking in tropical rain forest is highly physically demanding. Every kilo on your back counts twice. But you feel alive more than ever and you realize every moment. This is the way I like to travel the most. I love hiking through a country to explore the landscape. Because when I hike and carry all on my back I feel absolute freedom.


 Places I´ve been 

And where 2 next? Yet there are many places I plan to visit and haven´t been.

In the nearest future I plan to see central Asia, South America and who knows, maybe Maroco? World is big and there is so many beautiful places to explore.

       I mostly use following equipment:



  • Canon 7D

  • Canon 5D Mark III

  • DJI Phantom 3



  • Canon 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

  • Canon 20mm f/2.8  USM

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 

  • Canon 100-400mm f/4,5-5,6L

  • Sigma 150 f/2.8  Macro

  • Samyang 8mm f/3,5 UMC fisheye


Tripod Gitzo GT2532


And other accessories:

  • Speedlite 430 EX II

  • LED light Aputure Amaran AL-H160

  • Backpack:

  • Some filters, remote trigger, ...




Where you can find my work?

Occasionally I organize some presentations or exhibitions (for the most recent events see my FB).

Currently you can see some of my pictures in Kuching (Borneo) in a lovely caffee Indah.

Sometimes I also publish an article in a magazine:





Visited countries

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